2012 Kia Rio EX 5-Door HD Video Review

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King Jack says:

Reminds a bit of Golf but still unique enough

Kougajin says:

@DrivenCarReviews Great review!

vipstylerida says:

i just bought one yesterday and i love my RIO!!! well actually its for my
wife!!! she loves it also!!!

LeadHammer says:

Looks like the old Seat Leon from the back, and like a drunken sailor with
only two teeth left from the front. But at least now it looks like an
average European car, not like an average Asian car (save for the teeth).

csp91302 says:

Tom – keep up the good work. U are one of the best reviewers out there!

Champion Champ says:

kia soul is extremely ugly, i would not drive that ugly car.

Chiles Russell-Taylor says:

I’ll Take It As An EX! :D lol

Driven Car Reviews says:

@Logicsupremacy If there was one…

2Kriss2Kross says:

This car eats the new Yaris and ugly Versa. I would love to see that
Rio-Benz Comparison. Looks like a good laugh! Is there a link?

newfanglejr says:

Typo at 5:13 – otherwise thanks for the review.

Daryl Shook says:

I test drove the Rio a couple of days and I really did like the way it
drives. My only complaint is with the A pillar, I feel like
forward-front/side visibility suffers because of this.

fickmeindreamcacao says:

i wonder how many drivable used cls are available under 20000 dollars…

KymaticaHealth says:

Ron Paul 2012….= NO WW3

Driven Car Reviews says:

@ormand3000 Off the top of my head I believe the AC shuts down. However, I
think I remember them talking about the system is smart enough that if the
cabin temp rises more than a few degrees then ISG switches off. Let me ask
you this- Would one minute at a light with no AC be that big of a deal in
climates like that? I live in Seattle and it isn’t an issue for us.

Eric Lux says:


adrian macias says:

@mx5hong I heard kia isn’t selling as much manuals anymore becuase there
are people who buy manual and don’t know how to drive it, then they break
the car and blame the company for making a bad car

Cole Middleton says:

This car looks really good for a hatch back. I really like the rear view.

vettedude418 says:

ive always wondered about these start stop things when you take off again,
does the starter motor have to crank? that would be quite distracting i
assume theyve found a way to restart the engine without the loud clumsy
cranking of the initial start

Girisgreencrazeiful says:

@DJTEVAdotCOM Uhh just cause they advertise it dosnt mean people wanted it

Mark Atkinson says:

Wow this car has come a long way, checked it out in person and very
impressed with quality and build, yet to drive one.

Cameron Witt says:

I want this for my first Carr.!

Driven Car Reviews says:

@skoshy On the contrary, our family was very attached to our late hamster
and Soul is on my wife’s short list for her next car. And since I do have a
sense of humor, I have to say the hamster commercials are very cool,
especially the second one. Nice to know people are staying to the end…

ormand3000 says:

QUESTION: So when the car is at a full stop and the engine turns off, the
Kia representative mentioned that “bluetooth, rear view camera” work in
electric-mode but does AC still work? I know some cars have the AC shut off
when it goes in such modes, and that wouldn’t work in Austin, much less
Houston or other high humidity/hot climates. Great review :-) Did you get a
chance to ride Lime Creek Rd?

Driven Car Reviews says:

@ormand3000 Hoo boy, that’s tough weather. There’s an on/off for ISG, I’ll
revise the written review that leaves out.

BB2009LZ says:

Shame on you…you ran a stop sign at 4:19!


Kia Soul was successful because they spent a crap load of money on
advertisement. Now that the fun is over…the Scion XB is still the
original underdog toaster which styling not as outdated as the Soul.

Fussinated says:

Slow down european worshipper. Any car could be compared to any car. Rio
would be on my short list just because its price and what it offers for
that price, especially regardles what kind it is, if it is against an over
priced car called Mercedes.

quietguy1948 says:

Enjoyed the review…

krakensoup says:

@hikari94122 I checked out your review and now I like it even more! Thanks
for posting!

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