2012 Kia Optima Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

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FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: http://www.kbb.com/kia/optima/2012-kia-optima/ With the introduction of the third generation Optima Kia transformed wh…


trucker11686 says:

My girlfriend just bought a 2013 Sonata GLS, and I just traded in my 2011
Civic EX-L for a 2012 Optima LX+. We love them!

Ben Meadows says:

I used to have an Optima. I hated it. I’m much happier with my Avenger.

Radiorah100 says:

I jusy got an Optima today!!! 2012 EX with only 7669 miles on it for
21300….im super happy right now!

IRomerusI says:

This is cool auto

Akil Evans says:


Darrien Rouse says:

why care about the music its the review thats important

Dennis Cimmino says:

leather you moron

Eroblue11 says:

I went by a Kia dealer today and was super impressed. I am gonna own an
optima soon. Yeahhh :)


the car is the best.to the comment underneath mine,the sonata cant match
the optima in no way

NeutralGenericUser says:

Meh…Korean = not worth buying. I’ll stick with Japanese, thank you very
much. Decades of auto research over any Korean manufacturer.

jchnd18 says:

Finally! I was waiting for this one! BTW… you guys should review the
Prius c… looks cool!

talldude123 says:

Don’t let him get to ya…he enjoys blowing guys in the back of Toyota

Hybridlancer2000 says:

I wanted this car at first but now im ALL for the altima

rockstargamesuae says:

@Jerseyshorefreak123 The Kia optima is as safe as the lexus as well. Five
star crash rating. The fit and finish in the optima is much better than the
Lexus. Lexus do NOT look that nice.

0oz says:

This wasn’t mentioned in the review but check this out. The Optima SX
limited trim is the highest and most expensive with a price tag of
34,900!!(google it, it’s in Jalopnik) If you don’t know, that’s BMW 328i
money!! Now I like new Kia’s because I thought of them as cheap modest
econobox company. But the price is just crazy for just ” shiny chrome
wheels, red brake calipers and LED running lights..chrome accents,
wood-trim, Nappa leather”

123gwf says:

My buddy has a Chevy Silverado, and they literally told him to go fuck
himself when he said his new brake pads were covered under the warranty
(and of course they were). It seems like dealers everywhere do everything
they can to not honor warranties — like insurance companies denying
coverage. It’s just shady as hell.

MacSaab93 says:

How much did you pay for it and how much did you sell it for? Where I live
(Raleigh, NC) 2011 used ones are going for almost as much as 2012 ones.
When my sister went to the dealer they didn’t have any used ones on the
lot. They said that they sell the day they arrive…and for a lot.

buzzingbee25 says:

LMAO. Good one.

123gwf says:

Good point. And obviously, the BMW would be superior in just about every
way. I’m still not thrilled with Kia.

0oz says:

To be clear, The Sx starts at 25k. The Sx limited tops out at 35k like the
guy said.

3319Adrian says:

@ricky041878 Why did u give it up??

metaldrummerjerm says:

I would have a horse and buggy or an old ford escort before a Kia. Ever. ;o)


kia is the best and the optima is no exception!!!!

Bone Man says:

plastic =D

Doggorunning says:

Accord, hands down just rented an Optima loved the outside looks, and
extras like fancy lights, mirror turn signals, etc. BUT the Accord is a
much better built car, handling is much better and the 5 speed cuts down on
the gear chasing that the non turbo Kia Optima does all the time. No
comparison IMO the Honda Accord beat out the Ford Taurus and is up there
with the BMWs with build quality.

xcmskim4 says:

Hyundai and Kia are owned by the same company

Nikolas Kakaletris says:

what would u pick this or the 2012 Lexus Ct200h. the lexus is sooooooooo
nice, the kia just isnt built as well and the lexus is safer as well. the
speed doesnt really mean anything. but i am sorta tall so its the only
reason im considering something else. and this is my second choice

rick arias says:

well, couldnt tell you , i had it for 4 months, when i got rid of it ,it
only had 4k miles so the only thing i did to it was an oil change, it was
so painful to drive, going form a subaru wrx to a kia :/ not a smart move
form my part. but if it helps i think is the dealers who dont want to honor
the warranties not manufacturers, i’ve had problems with subaru dealers not
wanting to honor the warranty, it gets solved only when i call someone at
Subaru of america and put a complaint lol

OmgSteveJobs says:

I’d rather have a Hyundai Sonata Turbo.

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