2011 Kia Sportage review

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Damanhuri Ahamad Dusuki says:

Motor Mouth Canada

nuclearjack21 says:

For 2011 there is no V6 option in Canada.

frangelomercado says:

Congratulations, great review, you point out what is good and what it needs
improvement too. This is really helpful when looking for a new car. Other
reviews suspiciously just show the goods, they sound more like commercials
than reviews..

name says:

6:11 “niggly” ?? dat dude rascist nigguh

Soca2k12 says:

Man You guys are some good critics…

JuanCarlos Hernández says:

I own the 2012 model, and the sound insulation is great. I guess they
improve it…

John Smith says:

A star bucks mug,you dick head who buys a car based around a mug.The only
mug is you box head.

gary blake says:

and to the windows you are totaly wrong i have no trouble seeing all around
the car you 2 really have no clue how to rate a car

Zack216216 says:

Why do they pronounce sportage and Nissan wrong?

Alexander Lougher says:

You’ve only had Kias. You opinion is based on old Kias.

gary blake says:

i have a sportage the rear window is not a proublem and so far i do not get
alot of dirt ware the hatch opens and yes ther is a v 6 offered i do not
think you 2 should be rateing cars

EastCoastHost says:

road noise unbearable. wow

gary blake says:

i have no blind spot ? i have no idea what your talking about i can drive
and park with no proublem road noise i have the smaller wheels i have very
little noise maybe the 18″ ones make st louder but to me the Sportage is a
wounderful car we in fact have 5 Kias in my family.and have had no
proublems with any of them.but we all have our views on things so thank you
for a responce

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