2011 KIA Sportage review: Five Fun Facts you probably don’t know

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2011 KIA Sportage Turbo is a small crossover that comes with a all wheel drive and a 260 horsepower turbo. But you probably alr…


Harry Potter says:

That shocks me that this big car is faster than the other kia sedans.

Kia Motors Worldwide says:

This time, the TFL.com reviewers reveal five fun facts about 2011 Kia
Sportage! Discover its secrets that you probably don’t know and feel its
power! Enjoy the video!
* Flickr_Sportage : http://bit.ly/sBhzqJ

TerryFilming says:

Dude, please read the below comments. I made this comment 6 months ago,
when the given CR-V model was much more different than the current design.

Preston Spradlin says:

The upside down turn signals are a pain… I get honked at every day
because no one can fucking see them!!!!!!!

gene978 says:

@sexyboi142 excuse me please. Where did you get your degree in Automobiles?

tungol00 says:

If you were smarter enough lol obviously I wasnt referring to the new crv
it is obviously soso far from looking like the 2011 sportage lololol

tungol00 says:

No way lol

FrancineRA1970 says:

LOL, I love the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ reference! Just one heated and
cooled seat? That makes no sense!

TerryFilming says:

Dude, you’re so stupid… You didn’t even actually respond to my comment.
You started this whole thing by not looking at the date my comment was
made… If the current CR-V was displayed back then, I wouldn’t have said

TerryFilming says:

The new Honda CR-V looks exactly like the Kia Sportage. Hehe.

granknight says:

if you leave the nav package its around 30,000 fully optioned except nav
of-course XD

TerryFilming says:

If you were smart enough, you would have noticed my comment was made over 5
months ago, when the CR-V arrived as a different look.

09blackcobaltss says:

32k is for the fully optioned out kia sportage get rid of the nav and u can
have it for 30k And who pays msrp these days?

5had0wL1nk says:

design by former audi you say…. now wonder the back llooks like a
bubblebut vw yehhaawww

timtime88 says:

i love the new KIA

Pedro Teixeira says:

Best car in class!

tungol00 says:

Lol dont get mad, lol

granknight says:

you can actually rewire them go to your nearest kia dealer and learn how or
search it on the internet so you can do it yourself

David Chiu says:

holly shit….0-60 in 6sceconds,,,,,thats damn fast

89Carfreak says:

Overpriced and ugly !

Jacob Evans says:

@gene978 it competes with the RDX

TerryFilming says:

Before the official CRV was released, there was a “concept” model, not
exactly though. It never turned into production, but it did look like the

xxdrzombiexx says:

I got a 2013 with the 2.4l engine for the gas mileage. with eco-mode OFF
it’s easily fast enough to get a ticket or 12. With Eco-mode on and the
sweet K&N Air Filter I already slapped into it, I can run well above 30MPG
on the highway. Sweet. Off to the Cohutta Wilderness at the end of March to
test it on real mountain roads.

Joseph demetro says:

this is a bad review or facts

rpom1307 says:

Hola chicos, me encantaría que traducieran sus vídeos test drive. Son
buenísimos sus opiniones. Saludos desde Chile.

gene978 says:

Hey Roman, Nathan. I see so many of these on the road now. Probably as many
as the new Sonata. Kia and Hyundai should be kissing the “German/AUDI”
designers ass everyday for what he has done. Amazing that he was able to
redesign 2 entire car companies in what 2 years or less? I do like the new
Kia Sportage looks but serious $32,500? The same price as RDX TURBO! Hmm

arar67 says:

Nah not even near the looks of your crv lol

granknight says:

hence KIA is more leaning to male drivers while Hyundai is going for female
drivers but both of them classes a sporty feel look sportage and tucson

FudgeRevolution says:

@gene978 The lowest Sportage is around 20k starting bro. Also, Peter only
designs for Kia. Someone else designs for Hyundai.

Palautog Utin says:

It doesnt look any close to any crv model year, you must be really kidding
me why would a former AUDI designer copy a honda design harharharhahrhahrh!!

tungol00 says:


andipanderson1 says:

I’m sorry your review did not educate me at all….

Jacob Evans says:

@gene978 What the hell..i don’t need a degree to compare prices of

victorvictorwhatsup says:

WOW 32,500 is exactly the base price of an AUDI A4…The rims of that car
are ugly!

raad2555ify says:

انها معشوقتي

spforsupergringo1980 says:

i still would rather have my dads sorento 2011 v6 leather interior and
panoramic sun roof the only option he didn’t took was GPS cauz it is
useless where we live

Роман Кривов says:

This time, the TFL.com reviewers reveal five fun facts about 2011 Kia
Sportage! Discover its secrets that you probably don’t know and feel its
power! Enjoy the video!
* Flickr_Sportage : http://bit.ly/sBhzqJ

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