2011 Kia Sorento review

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Alex Yarnell says:

We just traded out our liberty for a 2011 lx base 4cyl. It came with alot
of standard equipment, the options our had were nice. Ended up paying just
over 15K. 43k miles on it, so the remaining IS FULLY transferable. The mpg
is better than the jeep, quality of the drive, and just the FEEL of being
in the car. Way more safety equipment, etc. I own a civic, 3rd one. Never
felt keen on kia, but now, as an owner AND mechanic, I would HIGHLY
recommend one. Even the 4cyl pulls ok. lol.

DAVID Y says:

Kia is definitely moving up in quality. One major complaint I have with all
Kia products are their use of black plastic buttons which tend to get dull
and peels of with extended use.

CarEnthusias Ber says:

absolutely great car i own the 2.2 CRDI engine amazing car Kia and Hyundai

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