2011 Kia Picanto. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

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2011 Kia Picanto. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour. Link on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001421333279 Another link to contact with m…


MrLocalman123 says:

can you make a review on the kia picanto 3 doors

BMWRLF says:

Nice vid man! Thanks!

Простой Человек says:

Автор бестолковый, не знает что показать…. Пусть след. раз напишет
заметку что надо показать а что нет. Не додумался сложатся ли задние
сиденья, что за кнопки на руле справа (навреное сам не знает), перестань
открывать всякие херни как козырьки и т.п. В общем я ничего не узнал как
потенциальный покупатель этого авто.

fanowner12 says:

Amazing that it has a smart key. Most cars in that class don’t have it.
Gives Kia the advantage

fiestasiphil says:

such a well equipped little car, well made also :”

Palit Weboonlit says:

@fanowner12 No , Nissan Micra are also feature it.

dave11686 says:

Wish Kia would bring this to the States! Great vid MegaRetr!

Christian Mistogun Gutierrez says:

Can some one tell me the actual model of this car uk version? ASAP

wolfdale00 says:

lol everybody is following Kyle

speed880131 says:

korea picanto(korea name : all new moring) very good^^

Mark Benedict Medina says:

can somedy tell me the price of a brand new kia picanto?please post

RundFyrkant says:

not that i’m gonna get one but i enjoyed the tour. nicely done.. thanks for

miyongmiyong says:

europe version isn’t it? so elegant and full feature, so different with the
asian version I guess..

Nick Vaagiaass says:

Amazing presentation. Well done. Good little city car. I live in Athens and
I really need a small car because the its nearly impossible to find a
parking space. Everyone here drives a SMART but they are too small and very
expensive. This car is cheap and offers so many things for its price. I
think we have a winner!!

mnmosh2008 says:


เกียรติศักดิ์ อ่อนท้วม says:

oh … very good

Carl Francis says:

Nice car …love the styling

Nehalem Numa says:

Nice pantoflas

WildStriker86 says:


politirel2 says:

Driving with sadles on..yeek!!

dukunberanak says:

will buy this 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MachoWorker says:

The comfort varies i each European nation. While the car is super expensive
in Germany, with almost NO comfort (no LED Back ligts, no heatet steering
wheel, no sunglas container etc. etc.) you get a FULLY equiped model in
Austria for LESS money. So I ordered the car in Austria – why shall I pay
more money for less luxury??

AkbarGul says:

base model is £7,795. However the best model to get for amount of kit and
accessibility would be the Picanto “2″ which is a 5dr, and is priced at the
very reasonable £9,345 for the 1.0 ltr. I’m off to get mine in 2 days, wish
me luck :D

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2010-present Kia Picanto is assembled in Seosan, South Korea

Vemis says:


Kåre Mai says:

This is not the Picanto 2011 – but 2012!!!

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