2010 Kia Forte Koup SX In Depth Review, Start Up, and Engine Details

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2010 Kia Forte Koup SX. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while s…


Luminox says:

my baby <3

Miguel Lopez says:

10:07 be careful men…the vehicle is not yours

marcotoni231 says:

honestly for the price this car isn’t half bad.

DerpinInTheCar says:

Ha Freddy, big fail. Hyundai isn’t Japanese man it’s Korean too.

Victor Reys says:

In Brasil this car is a KIA CERATO and the version of this car is a sedan

pwulff001 says:

Did u know u were being spied on while u were filming by krazyk86cu

Cody Black says:

Thank you for the review now i know what ill be getting when i get out of

Jeebus Cripes says:

Looks like a Civic and a Scirocco had a baby. :D

MarkoCarCollector says:

If you think that then you can go fuck yourself and shit in your PC

b1gbudda says:

06:14 TECH N9NE!!!

brian baranauskas says:

Um… This one has an intake. Granted, i have one too, but thats because i
installed itm

Anthony Coons says:

What is fuel mileage? Does it ride well on interstate. Is stereo premium or
subpar? Im debating this forte or civic, not sure!

jayrush01 says:

8:09 “thats what she said” ..

Ddog2k3 says:

Aww man, this ride is cool man! I always think these Kia Forte Koups are
nice and sporty man. Nice car :)

Stephen McAllister says:

theres a behind the scenes video of this video!

terraLiquidus says:

I’m liking the new styling direction of Kias

3319Adrian says:

Hey finally puts on good music lol

tsthomas2441 says:

Great music lol good review too! Thanks man.

Juliën Bernard says:

THis is the SX 2.0 Model

crisb8713 says:

@darkmorbius20 Your right. I’ve never seen a 95 kia…… good point there.
Thanks for the info man

Mansour Almansour says:

In Saudi Arabia called cerato instead of forte? why?

beetlebud32 says:

That is the wiper de-icer — it warms up a section of the lower part of the
windshield to clear ice build up off the wipers when they are in the
“parked” position.

apmirkin says:

nice, but i want an optima when it comes into the uk! :)

Aimo Far says:

these are nice only in a 4 door, i think

gam3r3p0 says:

the front looks like a civic

vinchel118 says:

Have a 2012 Sx sedan version of this car…love it

mireya1rivera says:

you should start playing rock or hip hop or any kind of music that has alot
of bass to test out how good the speaker system is in every car !

crisb8713 says:

@darkmorbius20 u think it’ll have lots of maintaince problems?

fusionspill says:

can you do a video on the 2012 sx fully loaded?

Victor Reys says:

@apmirkin nice!!

claudioalarcon1 says:

el auto es un sueño…solo te falta aprender a escuchar

matthew stewart says:

no it comes in manual…. its what i want

puyallup says:

@123chunhou Oh my god the chimes sound similar let’s sue them!

Rovits Regen says:

0:03 did you see the girl in the window?

MrsBeautyRae says:

If u visit kia of bradley you’ll see lots of fortes

iTheCommonCold says:

I’m about 6’1 and both my brothers are about 6’0 tall and my sister is
about 5’9 do you think this car would be able to adequately be able to fit
all four of us?

moldyrefrigerator says:

What the? This is an “indepth review”, you didn’t even drive the thing.
Everything was pretty badass, but really for a car review you need to
review its driving, as a car. Not review it as a stereo, or a chair.

CarsandGuns66 says:

Lol Track 1? Someone likes Tech N9ne…

CallmehAdam says:

Thank God I have one

TheMichaelRN says:

this car looks awesome especially in black with sunroof! looks more
expensive than it actually is.


i have it :)))

Kevin Fernandes says:

is this thing loaded with turbo?

LeonLaceration says:

Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz

Rickyjunior12 says:

dam nice vid but did you know the music at 6:44

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