2010 Kia Forte Koup Review

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Adam Macklin from Kia of Newmarket gives you an in depth walk-around of the hottest new car on the market… the 2010 Kia Forte Koup. Honda Civic owners brin…


Jovan Nguyen says:

Front looks like a 2007 Civic & rear looks like a 2014 Camero

Kia Newmarket says:

@467SHARPSHOOTER We are at 17415 Yonge Street in Newmarket! Let me know
which model you would like to test drive and we’ll have it ready for you to
take a spin! 1.877.265.8124 – Adam

trucker11686 says:

Excellent video. Very smooth presentation with great explaination. Would
make a very good walk around sales pitch video. I have decided that when it
is time to upgrade my 2008 Civic, a Kia Forte is next on my list.

dregsta says:

@jpwhatwhat1028 get one they are awesome looking cars

jayrush01 says:

@1993jino u like korean crs over japanese cars?…. i never knew someone
could feel so strongly about that…

mr3li says:

@jpwhatwhat1028 it is the defenition of Awesomeness xD

n2n4n says:

how much does it cost?

legitworker says:

WAYYYYY BETTER THAN A CIVIC. maybe civic has a higher revving engine thats

Bone Man says:

How is this a review? It’s an 8 minute jerk off over this car

stephen king says:

You even added info that the DIY guy (like myself) would look for. Genius

azrayyan07 says:

I own one, sporty red last 2 weeks ago and I’m luvin it!!

thedefinitive says:

I’ve heard some critics says that you should opt for the 5 speed auto
because the manual feels sloppy and unsatisfying. anyone wanna weigh in?

mikkee560 says:

I have owned the 2010 forte sx now for about 5 months….I love the car
except for one thing (and would love to know how to change it) I now call
it My California car…because when it comes to rain or snow it handles
terrible!! I live in Saskatchewan Canada…where the weather changes as
fast as You walk across Your house from the back door to the front
door…………BUT…to all that are looking to buy one, HIGHLY
recomended!! Super fun, easy to drive (and makes You feel young again lol)

touch2ndgen says:

Good and cheap!!!!!!! Hopefully there will be some used ones once i can
drive :) ……. Anybody know the name of the song at the end?

dregsta says:

@TheCman01 manual

XStaticKingX says:

I got the 2012 Ex version its real nice

Jonathan Leack says:

Excellent video.

fastevo276 says:

I like the way the sunroof tilts over the roof when it is open.

debonbrown123 says:

@Lowp3z stealing? LOL. This car is designed by Peter Schreyer. He designed
Murcielago, Newbeetle, Audi TT, A4, A5 and so on. Copy? hahaha. He is
legend in this feild. Plz calm down. It has awsome design and very cheap.
Best cost performance.

BobDumbo says:

@mr3li Hey how much is it???and also wat color? I am planning to buy one
soon too :)

Lyktor says:

the car of my dreams, i will have one

Kia Newmarket says:

@mr3li Gorgeous car, congrats!!

Marcus Lamp says:

The wheels look like they were off of a matchbox car, what the hell is
regular oil? This dude didn’t even memorize the brochure.

Chickencheese says:

@AppleLover1004 I’m also 6’1, 240. I tested one 2 days ago. I’m getting it
on April 1st. It’s plenty comfortable.

Eric L says:

Kia seems to just be stealing looks from other car manufacturers.

YummylossK says:

This car looks awesome. I have never ever seen one of these driven on the
streets where I live (milpitas, ca) I would love to be the first!

KinoSaru says:

I’m living in Viet Nam and my dream is this car. I really really love it!!
But with my salary at the moment, I can buy it in… 10 years ^o^

AppleLover1004 says:

I’m 6’1 about 240 pounds looking for a new car, would the kia forte koup
not offer enough headroom?

2fast4all says:

@Lowp3z In the long run they have for a long time but in the long run, it
looks better.

Kia Newmarket says:

@michellemcpherson Congrats! Post a picture of your new Koup, we love
hearing everyone’s car stories! Enjoy!

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